How Nutrition affects your Behavior and Mental Health

Dietary habits are shown to affect brain structure, influencing the body both chemically and physiologically. It is becoming clear that what you consume can lead to altered behavior: You are what you eat, so to speak. Look at the foods you and those around you eat and the corresponding behavioral patterns... what do you see?

Gary Johnston, a psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders for over 30 years, demonstrates the important role that nutrients play in mental and nervous system disorders.


Coaching Your Brain to Better Health

You cannot get healthy by "trying to be healthy", continuously bantering yourself that you "should eat better", reading articles and looking at healthy recipes and getting takeout anyways then being hard on yourself for your behavior. It creates an energetic disconnect from the health you are in fact seeking. The health that you in fact already are.


Why Sunflower Seeds Need to be Part of Your Spring

Spring is in the air and it’s time for renewed commitment to your health. Winter comfort food cravings start to subside and fresh, lighter foods are where it’s at. A perfect recipe to add to your mix is the sunflower “tuna” salad below. Perfect for topping on rice crackers, cucumber slices or lettuce wraps with the recommended goodies.


Shedding the Excess Pounds

Spring is in the air and mindsets are shifting to shed the excess pounds from winter. Weight loss regiments have been prevalent for the last half-century around the world due to our obesity pandemic. According to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, over the past 30 years, obesity has doubled among those aged 40-69 and tripled among 20-39 year olds. Perhaps its time to look at the source of our weight gain pandemic and remediate the issues at the core of it.


Cauliflower Is the New Kale

As much as kale has been taking over cafes, juice bars and salad menus at restaurants across North America over the past couple of years… there’s a new vegetable on the up rise getting a lot of hype and worth taking note: Cauliflower.


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