3 Reasons to be Unhealthy Over the Holidays and How to take Accountability.

First of all, why avoid?! The goal should be to never have to feel that “avoiding” feeling. Deprivation, willpower, and avoidance don’t need to be in your vocabulary when you have some good intentions and key strategies around the holidays. “Eat what you want,” I always say. Just take responsibility for the feelings afterward. That’s the kicker. Accountability is the first step in making choices in feeling better or feeling worse around the holidays. You decide.


Sweeten this Holiday’s Treats with the Superfood Lucuma

Are you a health foodie, an aspiring health nut, or just someone trying to manage what they eat that tends to cringe around all of the treats of the holiday season? All of these foods you’ve managed to avoid, feel you have under control or even don’t have under control gracing you with their all-to-present presence… in the office, in the waiting rooms at your appointments, as gifts from friends, and heck - even at the gym! You can’t feel guilty if those baked goods you’re devouring were served at the gym right?! Maybe a little guilt is still in order – but you’re not alone. Falling “off the wagon” is rampant around this time of year.
Refined sugar, processed white flour, more sugar and more flour do not make for a healthy body, nor mind. Especially amongst the stress of the holidays. Sugar is linked to that scatterbrained feeling, enhances anxiety, feeds cancer cells, promotes weight gain and premature aging and is highly addictive. So especially during the holidays, it’s important to rethink your treats. The good news is – there are healthier and even tastier alternatives.


Is Your Outer Environment Making Your Inner Environment Sick?

Have you ever walked into a space and just felt more at ease? More comfortable, less stressed, or perhaps the opposite – more tense, uneasy, or some discomfort? Do you notice how different you feel after a day of de-cluttering, laundry tended to, and dishes done? These subtle feelings around the environment you surround yourself with can go beyond the aesthetics of a room and may actually be linked to the experience of an ancient Chinese philosophy called Feng Shui.


10 Sources of Nourishment during times of Loss

It’s been a tough week. A close friend passed away so it’s been difficult to come up with a source of happy, inspiring healthful things to write about when all I feel like doing myself is drinking a bottle of wine, curling up in a ball and listening to heart breaking music that reminds me of my friend. Taken much too suddenly, much too young and much too soon for my liking, and by a drunk driver. It’s the kind of loss that leads to a lot of sorrow – not just on my part, but on so many friends, friends of friends, family, many people in the community and even people who were just acquaintances. Not just in death, but also in experiencing many of life’s sorrows it’s so easy to let go of self-care when some nourishment during times of loss is so critical to make it through.


10 Reasons to Be Cautious of Coffee Health Claims.

Is coffee an important part of a healthy lifestyle - or could all of its recent health claims be detrimental to our overall wellbeing? Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage across the world. Globally over 400 Billion cups are consumed a year.  Finland taking the “cup” at 5 cups a day! There are many studies claiming this black brew of popular demand lowers risks for heart disease, developing type 2 Diabetes, and even claims to have benefits for great skin. Some studies show heavy coffee drinkers (3-4 cups per day) lower their risk of diabetes by 67% and breast cancer 57%!


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