Spring Outside the Box with Detox

Spring Outside the Box with Detox

Fairy dust, fancy powders, pricey supplements, and complicated cleanses. The modalities of detoxification can seem like complex, witch-doctor-like quackery at times as people struggle to find salvation from their overindulgences, fatigue, irritability, brain-fogged, achy, tired, somewhat depressed state of being. But don’t let that stop you from stepping outside the box to understand the simplicity of what detox has to offer - as it may just be exactly what you need this spring.


How To Be Healthy Without Going Orthorexic

Orthorexia is a fairly new term, coined in 1997 by a man named Steven Bratman. Modeled by the word “anorexia” which simply means “without appetite” orthorexia is a term literally meaning “correct appetite” and is used to depict some individuals who have an unhealthy fixation on what is deemed healthy. They only want to eat what is “correct” or only what they consider optimal choices. Is being too healthy now the new unhealthy or is it possible to just make better choices without going… orthorexic?


Know Your Nutritional Type for Better Health

Ever wonder why there are so many different diets out there that seem to work for some but not others? Between fat free, high carb, low carb, high protein, low protein etc. etc. isn’t it time we all came to the consensus that there just isn’t one diet for everyone? Cutting out this whole dieting idea all together is an even better idea. The key to better health is to start focusing on your own body, including knowing your own nutritional type.


Kick Your Smoking Butt: 3 Steps to Quit for Good

10:15am. Smoke break time. I used to wish I were a smoker at times just to have “smoke breaks” - a time to step away from the intermittent demands of the day and have a mini escape with a cigarette. I’ve been guilty of the pack here and there for a weekend amongst a few beverages in my time or throughout the day in my coal mining days as well as working on paving crews.

It’s shocking to think of inhaling over 4000 chemical compounds and actively partake in polluting the precious cells of the our lungs which work so hard to defend contaminants in our already polluted air from reaching our internal organs and bloodstream. Damaging this delicate filtration mechanism through smoking not only has been touted to be a major contributor to the obvious lung cancer, emphysema and asthma but may also be responsible for a weakened immune system as well just general fatigue and sluggishness, bringing down your overall “vibration” of energy and wellbeing. 

Almost 20% of Canadians were reported smokers according to reports by Statistics Canada in a Health Survey for 2011, totally sales of 31.1 billion dollars in that year. Quitting smoking has been one of the top to dos on the New Years Resolutions lists for years with the number one reason for relapsing back to the habit being due to stress levels and experiencing negative moods while trying to kick the habit.

So how to quit for good?


Resolve to Live Your Youngest Year Yet.

Do you feel that your life has fallen into the rat race of self-defeat, weight gain, and stress… or was it just over the holidays? Well welcome to a New Year! Like every other new year, millions strive to set goals to better themselves in someway.

For five particular locations around the globe, called “Blue Zones” a project funded by National Geographic and researched by team lead Daniel Buettner - those goals are already set habits with some of the longest living, happiest people on the planet. Maybe it’s possible we can learn a thing or two about living that healthy happy life while setting forth with our own resolutions and live our youngest year yet?


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