3 Steps to Thrive vs. Survive

So many people are in survival mode. Are you one of them? Waking up fatigued, joining in the outlandish line ups to get your liquid fuel and perhaps a bagel or some other substance that might be considered breakfast only to continue on your day with more coffee, followed by lunch out with co-workers or clients where you give yourself the excuse that you deserve what you want today so you go for the fries with the burger. You only live once! How bad can it be?! That afternoon low where a nap would be so effortless if only given the chance is easily suppressed with a can of soda (it’s just one a day) just to finish off the day at home with something simple – pasta with meat sauce if you didn’t just pick up a pizza on the way home instead. You dive into bed in exhaustion and think to yourself, “I’ll be better tomorrow.”  


Your Life Changing Supplement

Well it may not be what’s trending on twitter right now, but it is certainly coming to the forefront of more people’s nutritional conversations, as it should. Truly, a missing link for many of our current ailments, such as bloating, fatigue, a weakened immune system, ridding the body of excess belly fat and one major symptom in particular: brain fog. With the number of cells in our gut outweighing the cells in our entire body by 10:1 it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the health of our body really does start in the intestinal tract. Minimizing processed foods and sugars are necessary for gut health as well but the best way to take care of that intestinal tract is to keep it populated with good bacteria, probiotics – a supplement that could just change your life.


How to Implement your Metabolic Boost this Summer

With summer hitting – everyone wants their best beach body. Going in with great intentions as always, we forget that indulging on beers on patios, grabbing ice cream and eating hot dogs while camping are always on the table for summer. “Oh summer is going to be easy to be healthy.” Not so fast. There’s always a need to stick to good intentions.  Giving your body that metabolic boost may just give it the support it needs.


The Truth about Your Health

There’s a million and three ways to view your health. Ok. More like a few billion and four. Everyone will have his or her views – including you. When you are letting lose and enjoying some beer – it’s “ok to indulge” We must “live”, right?  When you are on an exercise kick and focusing on maximizing performance there is “no room for unhealthy choices.” When you are on a path to healing “sugar, alcohol, refined processed foods are an absolute never.” When looking for more energy “certain foods just must be eliminated.” So what is exactly good for you? And what is exactly is bad? What’s the truth…?! or more importantly, what’s your truth? 


The Healthiest Thing you Can Do

Being back in NYC this past week shooting food photography, pictures of my journey through culinary school and doing interviews with different experts in areas around food, lifestyle and body image has been so inspiring. I was so fortunate to spend time with the one and only Mastin Kipp of thedailylove.com from Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday as he spoke candidly about the journey to health, wellness and pursuing a life you love. I have read his blog daily for the past year and a half and it has truly helped me not just think differently, but act differently in my life and in my perspectives around health. Mastin came from being a couch surfer sugar addict to a huge success in life, love and on a journey towards health. He speaks so honestly and from the heart about his truth around addiction and the struggles he continues to have and how to step through them.

“You have to take courageous action.” Mastin says. Action is the only thing that matters. Taking action can act like an anti-depressant in your life.


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