What it takes to stay Committed to Your Health

Real commitment doesn’t always have to be about sacrifice – or does it? When it comes to your health where do we draw the line between “having our cake and eating it too” to avoid the self defeating behavior of not “allowing” ourselves certain indulgences and when should we hold true to a commitment to our health and our wellbeing and ensure our bodies are getting the best treatment possible – no sugar, no alcohol, no processed foods?


How to Eat Less and Feel More Satisfied

Do you struggle with overeating? Most of society does. How could you not? Sandwiches with greasy meat patties, cheese with egg and bacon drizzled with gravy is not helping anyone reach their health goals, but continuously feeding our so easily tantalized taste buds. On a recent poll on doctoroz.com people admitted to overeating mostly later in the day (between 6 and 10pm) So on a whole we seem to start with good intentions, but as the day goes on there are a few things to note if feeling the need to eat less.


It's Your Time to Shine: Eat THIS!

“It’s not about how often you fall off the wagon. It’s about how many times you are willing to get back on.”

I hear it again and again. “I failed.” “I fell off the wagon.” “I want to eat better, but….”  “I would be healthy, but ______,“It’s too late for me.” “You’ll never get me to stop eating ______.” “I’ll never be perfect.” Guess what? You - and the rest of the world. Remember - failing thoughts will lead to failing behavior. But here’s an even deeper truth: Even positive thoughts will lead to failing behavior! This doesn’t mean stop trying. It means keep trying. Every. Day. Keep staying positive. Keep taking steps. Health is a journey, not a destination and its important to remember that your ability to shine depends on your ability to take care of yourself. But success doesn’t come without failure. Whether you are looking for longevity, weight loss, improving your energy, your “self love”… whatever your reason – it’s your time to shine!

“There is no passion to be found playing small in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” –Nelson Mandela

How are you playing small in your own life? What foods are you consuming? How have you been treating yourself? You are accountable for your own health. Your own wellbeing. So if you’re ready to shine eat up some of these tips:


Revitalize Conference 2014 Recipes

Cucumber boats were filled with TRUFFULA CASHEW CHEESE made by Allison Landine in Edmonton. Sold in Red Deer at Purearth Organics: 

cucumber boat

Sage Lemon Cream Parsnip Pasta. This recipe was inspired by my favourite restaurant: PURE FOOD AND WINE! http://www.purefoodandwine.com where my dreams came true to work in the kitchen. 

parsnip pasta

PHOTO BY ROMY YOUNG: http://blogromy.com

Sage Lemon Cream Parsnip Pasta on Bed of Arugula

Yields 5 Servings

Amazing dinner to spoil your guests. Simple Cream sauce... make sure to top with delicious coconut bacon from Noorish Conscious Eatery in Edmonton. http://noorish.ca


Stepping Up to the Plate - How to Change the Way you Eat

vanilla cream cake(RECIPE BELOW!)

PHOTO BY ROMY YOUNG: http://blogromy.com

As the weekend comes closer, I’m getting more and more excited to be hosting a three course raw dinner at this year’s Revitalize Conference in Red Deer.  I spend most days talking about healthier foods, why we should consume them, trying to inspire people to eat them and even laying out the roadmap to do so. But I find that the most effective way to really make some shifts in people is to let them taste for themselves. There’s something powerful about tasting a dairy free vanilla cream cake on a raw chocolate pecan crust drizzled with fresh raspberry sauce that always gets people excited.


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