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Get Your Glow Challenge:  Thoughts after Week 1

“When I let go of who I am I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu (Affirmation from program)

I am letting go of my need to be perfect in all things. I am letting go of the negative self-talk that floods my mind when something doesn’t turn out just right. I am letting go of thinking too hard about things and taking life in its entirety too seriously. I am letting go of allowing fear to make my life decisions for me. I am letting go of doubt and I am letting go of not listening to my beautiful heart and wise intuition.

When I hold on to all of these negative things and let them embody me, I am not allowing my true authentic self to surface. I am suppressing her. If I were able to “let go of who I am”, I think I could blossom and “become what I might be”. I have always felt that I have something inside of me that screams to get out at times. Something that is more than I currently am, something that is brilliant. This may seem arrogant to some but to me I feel like I have been holding apart of myself back. A part that wants to shine, and I think it’s because of fear and doubt.


Feature Client... Crystal Deitch Week 1

A candid blog, from a Candid girl.... See how Crystal is going through the Get Your Glow Challenge. 

Get Your Glow Challenge Blog Entry - Day 1

I feel as though I’ve lost my way.  Despite everything I’ve learned and accomplished over the last 4 years of my health journey, I somehow lost my way. There are so many lessons and tools that I’ve left behind during the many transitions I’ve gone through over the last couple years. That’s our problem; we let the trials and tribulations of life get in the way of not just our health but of living. We don’t mean to, it just happens. I do know that these setbacks are ok and that a lifestyle change is an ongoing rollercoaster. When you hit one of the lows you just gotta pick yourself back up and remind yourself of how far you’ve come and keep going.


Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

Are you preparing for a new year, new you? Jumping on the bandwagon with the number one New Year’s Resolution? You guessed it: Weight Loss. Every year people continue to struggle with weight loss, emotional eating, excess fast food intake, stress, and of course lack of exercise. Have you been frustrated with your body or your health? Moderate successes followed by relapses and frustration? It’s rampant. The problem when it comes to weight loss is that people continue to believe that the solution is to eat less food and exercise more. This, my friends is how you lose your mind, according to Dr. Doug Lisle, author of The Pleasure Trap.


Natural Remedy for Yeast Overgrowth

Many people suffer from it. Many don’t even know they have it. An overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract has been shown to lead to an array of symptoms, both physical and emotional that many people suffer from. Chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, eczema, food cravings (especially sugar), indigestion, joint pain, memory problems, sore throat, vaginal infections, body odor, depression, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, frequent colds, and a weakened immune system to name a few. Everyone has candida in their gut, but what to do when it gets out of balance? Jatoba.  


Twelve Remedies for the Holidays

On the first day of Christmas, my boss gave to me… not e-nough money.  On the second day of Christmas my car gave to me… a broken window and a dead battery. On the third day of Christmas I gave to me… way too much sugar, a lot of junk food, an excess of alcohol which all led to my big fat bell-lly.


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