Why Two Breakfasts Are Better than One: My 17 Day Juice Feast

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Why two breakfasts are better than one...

 Ugh... it's hard to look at the picture on the above left for me, because I know the underlying stresses I was feeling in this picture. Frustrated with myself, overindulging... and eating A LOT. But, with every negative emotion we feel... we get to use that as fuel to stimulate something new.... a change... a positive shift. My overeating triggered me to do some of my own inner work, take a step back and....

Go on the best ever Juice Feasting Experience I have ever embarked upon.

I didn’t eat solid food for 17 days.

Could you imagine what it would be like to not eat for 17 days?

Could you do it?

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t expect you to.

But I did.

And it was amazing.

I’ve been coaching people through juice cleanses for several years now. And the benefits remain the same:

Mental clarity

Enhanced energy

Clearer skin

Weight loss

Breaking of addictive eating behaviours

Tastes re-attuned to loving healthy foods

And we just wrapped up our FREE ONLINE LIVE JUICING EXPERIENCE, where I provided everyone with all the free coaching, assignments and supportive FB Community, which was a lot of fun to watch others go through.

“Just about to start day 4 of 5! I'm so happy I decided to do this. I actually feel great. I've lost 7 pounds so far with 2 days to go! I'm looking forward to the last 2 days and all of the feelings and struggles that come up. I feel empowered! Thank you Kristin Fraser!” –K.D.

“Hi Kristin. I did a four day juice feast. Really enjoyed the experience. I'm doing just one meal a day now, supper. I'm juicing for the rest. I wasn't hungry in the least which surprised me. And I had no cravings. The only thing was the fuzzy mouth, didn't like that. Used our 30 year old Juiceman jr juicer. 
Have a great weekend. Thanks for this experience.” -D.M.

Before I started juicing, my stress was certainly getting the best of me. Each day was turning into overindulgences and sneaky “treats”, all justified by “I’m just enjoying my life.” “Having a beer.” “I’m just living a little.” Dessert was usually ordered, justified by “it’s plant based”. There is a lot of beautiful healthful food in Bali, but even in paradise, you can overeat! You have to check in with yourself and get honest sometimes… are you enjoying, or stressfully overindulging?

All the while, when I got honest with myself, I realized I was suppressing some emotional stresses. Past relationship stresses coming up, leaving home and starting a new life in “paradise” also has some homesick feelings come up and missing people that mean a lot to me… including all of YOU!

 It’s still scary shifts I’m making in my life.

I was reminded of how easy it is to roll down that not so good path to stress, weight gain, feeling crummy and a little down on your-self.


That is NOT glowing. And for me, I find I get even harder on myself when I fall off path, as I am doing my best to lead by example. But I always remind myself that I am human too and realize that as a coach, when I go through my own tough stuff, I get to be extra reflective and work through my own processes and develop new ones to have even more powerful tools to share with all of you.

So, like many of you, I had to pick up my own socks and take the first step: A Commitment. To ME.

When I got honest with myself, I realized I wasn’t nourishing ME!

I kind of had a Forrest Gump moment, where I felt like I wanted to go for a run… only for me, I just felt like juicing. I wanted food to not be part of the equation anymore. I felt like I could go for a long time, so I set out to do 21 days.

The thing about juice feasting is you get to drink as much juice and incorporate some protein too. The idea is to feel like you are overloading your body with phytonutrients.

I didn’t feel hungry. I had more energy. I had no cravings. I felt like each day I was shedding the past… and the weight. And it felt so good.

After 17 days I hit my Forrest Gump moment of “I think I’m done”.  You know, where he just stops running and is ready to go home. That’s exactly how I felt. Not really any big ah ha moment or starvation time or anything other than an inner signal saying, ok. I’d like to eat now. And so I started eating on the 18th day. And didn’t feel guilty about “not making it” to 21 days in the least. When it comes to your body, you have to really learn to listen. There is giving in, self-sabotaging and just simply knowing yourself.  And for me, one of my greatest commitments to myself is to never feel restricted.  On the 17th day I could just envision eating a big beautiful meal and I wanted to eat again. That simple.

And so I ate breakfast. Twice. And loved every bite. The biggest thing I want to remind you of, is that I was consuming about 2 Tbsp of TRIPOW spirulina/chlorella every single day. This is a high source of bioavailable protein that allows for some longevity in juice feasting. I promise you, I did not go hungry. Juice feasting is truly a superdose of vital beautiful nourishment.

I was able to eat two beautiful raw breakfasts (for those of you who follow my Facebook profile, you may have watched my video) Consuming beautiful raw blueberry coconut cream, with fresh fruit and rawnola, chia pudding and some raw chocolate too. I promise you, food has never tasted so good. And my body loved the flood of nutrients.

So why am I telling you all of this?  Well perhaps you joined in on the experience… or you didn’t! Either way, I hope my story inspires you to make a commitment of your own this month.

Here’s my Takeaways that hopefully can support you in making a few shifts in your own life:

1. You don’t have to juice for 17 days to start feeling better. It’s more about small daily actions that can make all the difference. But a period of juicing can be a nice reset.

2. Health is an ongoing commitment. A really empowering one when you take the actions to follow suit. Allocating a specific amount of time to dedicate to your self is so worth it.

3. Never feel like you are restricting yourself. Even a juice cleanse should not feel like restriction. This is the biggest misconception. This is why I prefer the term juice “feasting”.  It’s not about “refraining from eating” as much as it is super dosing your body with phytonutrients and enzymes to give you your vitality and let go of the excess in the body that does not serve you.

4. Juicing doesn’t give you super powers forever. You can feel the opposite of good within A DAY of “poor choices.” Again, it’s more about the continued daily actions.

5. Drink more water. A lot of the benefits from juicing are simply from the act of staying hydrated and getting greens in your body. I am more mindful of drinking more water each day.

6. Daily rituals are some of the more important elements to living a healthful life. Incorporating exercise, water, spirulina/chlorella, chia seeds and evening down time are more important to me.

7. There is a difference between excessive emotional eating and eating for nourishment. Listen to yourself. You know the difference.

And lastly:

8. Two breakfasts are better than one.  Let go of the guilt for any over-indulgent behaviour. I really think that's more important than "perfection." I still feel like I have my "unhealthy" habits... even after a great reset. But I seem to care less and less about the "negative" behaviours and just do what I do like anyone else... one day at a time. We are all human and as long as you have the tools and the support you to get yourself on track... you can start taking small actions towards building momentum towards the healthy vibrant you again. I definitely worked up an appetite and happily enjoyed 2 breakfasts…. both nourishing, and satisfying. I will admit, there is a slight rebound effect of excess eating, but fun all the same as it was healthy choices and my glowing self was back. Enjoy the journey… all of it.

The journey really led me to more tools and more clarity on the steps required to really get your health on track. And it doesn’t always require a juice feast. But some clear step by step action that can really work... mainly mindset shifts. I’m becoming more of a fan of daily rituals as I really believe it’s a daily practice that should be an enjoyable commitment that keeps you feeling your best and letting go of the guilt that goes with the less than amazing choices.

I have been reminded that nutrition is not always such a logical journey. It’s more of a spiritual one. One that requires the inner work. The inner work is what will create the outer experience.  

I shared a FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS with all my juicers last week on

Getting Your Health on Track, Glow Getter Style. This was a lot of what I learned throughout this experience that I felt really could be of use to everyone. And I plan to host it again at the end of the month. So stay posted! If you want to jump on the waiting list for the Next masterclass you can register HERE.

I hope you take a moment to reflect on where you are at, and where you’d like to be this month. It becomes a really exciting journey when you get your health on track again.

I hope you make some choices to keep glowing. It really is worth it. 

Healthfully yours, 


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