Feature Client Journal - Crystal Deitch Week 7

‘So Many Changes, I Can't Keep Up’

I know from past experiences if I try to implement too many things at one time I get overwhelmed and end up failing at all of them. Dropping them completely and going on as if nothing happened and with nothing learned. So I think anyways…but there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learned and we always GROW from all our experiences. We just have to break down that wall of expectation and open our eyes to life’s sometimes subtle lessons. I seem to be more receptive when I make a couple of changes at one time then once I'm comfortable with those, I can then add a couple more.

I've come to realize when wanting lasting change one should take away something that is unhealthy or just isn't working and implement another that is positive and healthy and that will ultimately help in moving towards where they want to be. Using this method over the last 4 years has seemed to work as I have grown and learned so much and I believe it's a very effective way to make a true lifestyle change. Make small changes now to build a bigger future.  

I have traveled many paths and often in several directions at one time in my pursuit of being a healthier and happier person. Not too long before I started this challenge I began working with a Naturopath to help me in some areas of my health that I've finally chosen to stop neglecting. She had put me on several supplements and hormone therapies targeting many of my troubles right off the bat. In addition to the supplements she wanted me to cut out dairy, gluten & sugar (I assumed refined sugar). Which to be honest, I was already doing for the most part but with just getting through the holiday season I was pretty lax about it all. So on Day 1 of the Get Your Challenge on Kristin’s recommendation I cut all the above out of my daily diet which proved to be an easy transition for me as it was something I was already fairly conscious about. Life without dairy, gluten and refined sugar was going well but I was still experiencing some symptoms that after some work with my naturopath and a discussion with Kristin led me to listen to my body and cut out sugar completely (that includes all natural sugars) to try to combat my possible Candida and extreme sugar cravings. Now THAT was a lot harder than I was expecting. That meant no cut up apples to dip in my almond butter – just a spoon, no frozen bananas or blueberries in my smoothies, which made my superfood smoothies taste like all sorts of bad. A tip from Kristin that helped a bit was freezing coconut milk in an ice cube tray which made my smoothie cold and a bit creamier. No green apple in my green juices, NO RAW VEGAN TREATS which was a huge travesty for me as most contain dates, honey, maple syrup or agave as a sweetener, no raisins or fruit in my salads, NO FRUIT AT ALL! Even homemade dressings and dips were difficult so recipes had to be altered. I went 16 days without any sugar (refined or natural). I felt good; brain fog and that weird fuzzy feeling were gone. I had more energy and seemed more alert. My acne even seemed to improve. I don’t think I kicked my cravings though because when I brought natural sugars back into my diet I was having a couple of dates dipped in almond butter here, a couple there, some pieces of an organic chocolate bar, lots of apples, strawberries, blueberries, put banana back into my smoothie, honey on my chia pudding which all sounds amazing and extremely healthy and it totally is but now I feel fuzzy/spacey again, lethargic and have dull, prolonged headaches. The headaches could actually be my seasonal allergies starting from the snow mould and because I haven’t been keeping up on my bee pollen I could be experiencing some allergies this time around. It’s hard for me to say.

All the changes my body is going through frustrates me sometimes and it's hard to concentrate and keep track of everything. Sometimes I get confused because I don’t know what elimination or supplementation is doing what. I think I’m at that point of feeling overwhelmed as I haven’t been as committed to the challenge as I was in the first month. Kristin and my fellow challengers reminded me this week that I may only have one week left in my Get Your Glow Challenge but I've been on a pretty amazing journey well my whole life really and I am so grateful for where I am today. I know that all the stresses I've been feeling are ok. I'm progressing whether I see it or not, I just have to trust. My heart brings me back to where I need to be every time. I don't ever wander far and that's why I know I am ok. 

So much love,


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