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Get Your Glow Challenge:  Thoughts after Week 4

I want to take a deep breath and bring myself to a calm, open place before writing this week. I feel that with everything I've been trying to accomplish plus these articles, I am rushing my writing and am not getting everything out that I want to. I can tell I am holding something back. My articles don't feel complete to me any more so I'm taking a different approach. I really contemplated how I wanted these articles to be, what they would include and how I would write them. I didn't want to write too much that was outside of my experiences with the Get Your Glow Challenge. Nothing that didn’t seem related or that was too personal and seemed off side of this program. I realized however, my thoughts and feelings are relative and add to this experience and my growth as a whole so I've decided to take the barriers down.

 I’ve been trying to not seem full of myself (which is pretty hard to do when writing a blog that is about yourself) and as a result I have partially directed my writing towards other things rather than true, honest and raw thoughts and feelings. With that said there is something that I’ve noticed we all do that I feel is very toxic to our successes, growth and overall wellbeing. And that is the act of comparison. We compare in every aspect of life, which creates a downward spiral as we then become insecure and start to wonder and care about what people think of us. As kids it’s who has the coolest toys and backpack and the best lunches, as young girls it’s all about development and looks. Who has the bigger boobs, smaller waist, prettiest hair and makeup and how many guys like you. As we get older it’s about who has the newest and most expensive piece of technology, the most popular and expensive brand name clothing and accessories and of course who has the nicest body. And as adults it’s the job you have, how much money you make, the house you live in and the car you drive. Your lifestyle and how put together your life is or at least seems to be from the outside looking in. Even as adults, our size and appearance seems to matter to the rest of society. Our lives are built on comparison. Log on to social media and you’ll see for yourself. Now I don’t believe that all the above matters to everyone but I feel comfortable saying the majority of people (myself included) partake in some form of comparison between themselves and another person. I think it's a very natural thing to do but I believe society made us that way and it has a tremendous negative impact on our lives and we don't even realize it. 

As a young girl growing up I made a lot of comparisons and really cared about what people thought of me, and my looks. In my circle of friends I was very aware that I had the bigger butt, the bigger gut, the bigger thighs, the smaller boobs, the 4 eyes and I never seemed to have any boys that were interested in me. Growing up with all this comparison made me feel inferior to everyone around me. I became very self-conscious, uncomfortable with my body, awkward in certain situations and incredibly insecure which spread from childhood to adolescence and into my adulthood. To be honest, even though I’ve become more confident in my body and my looks, this substandard feeling has lingered and leaked into other areas of my life. More recently I’ve noticed that I have a lot of insecurities since I started my health journey. All of which arise when I start to compare myself, and my abilities to another persons. SHE has stronger, leaner legs than me that don’t jiggle and SHE has a nicer butt with no cellulite. SHE can do more push ups and higher box jumps than me, SHE can push more weight than I can and SHE runs. SHE climbed that hill like it was nothing (me, I’m dying here, having trouble breathing, maybe I’ll walk my bike up the rest of the way…don’t worry… I’ll catch up). SHE has accomplished more than I have, lost more weight than I have, is kicking ass like nobody’s business and ALL THESE PEOPLE have a vast amount of knowledge and skill that is far beyond what I know and can do. What does SHE think of me and what I’m doing? Why doesn’t SHE seem to be supporting me? Why doesn’t SHE like what I post on Facebook or Instagram? These toxic thought patterns cripple my ability to shine and be my absolute self. I'm writing articles for Kristin’s blog and making postings on Facebook and Instagram and there are times when thoughts come to mind that what I’m doing is so insignificant compared to what people I know have achieved and here I am posting about how I can't get to the gym or what I ate for dinner. Well there is all that negative self-talk again. This is why comparison is self-sabotage! Through all of this I’ve come to realize and appreciate that each person has their own story and their own journey unique to themselves. We all start this life in a completely different place than everyone else around us. Born into good health or poor health, into a well off, average or struggling family, a family that is active and healthy or one that over indulges in the western way of eating and living, one that is full of love or could be cold and full of negativity and hate and so on. We all have our own strengths, our own weaknesses, battles - won and lost, our own accomplishments, our own fears, our own dreams to strive for and so much more that make up who we are. You sometimes have to look at your past and realize where you are now to realize how great you are. I've come a LONG way and truly have transformed my life through a lifestyle change. It's not a diet that I'm on; it's a way of thinking. I want to concentrate on the here and now, be in the moment. Society has made me care way too much about my appearance and what people think about me and what I do. My body is MY body, my life is MY life and my journey is MY journey alone! See the shift happen in your thought patterns when you realize this? Now think about this. That person’s body is THEIR body, that person’s life is THEIR life and that person’s journey is THEIR journey alone. They are who they are and they are where they are for a reason. Take away the judgment and scrutiny and take away the idea we all need to be a certain way and in a certain place. Nothing is set in stone yet everything happens for a reason. Stop thinking life is unfair or you wish things were a certain way. Life is what we make it. If you want something, work for it, work hard and go get it! But always take the time to appreciate what you DO have and where you are right now as gratitude brings so much light. 

With so much gratitude, I thank you for reading.

Crystal Deitch

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