Feature Client- Crystal Deitch- Rocks Out With Week 3!!!

Get Your Glow Challenge:  Thoughts after Week 3

Week 3 of my Get Your Glow Challenge was about getting into my grove. I put a lot of new routines in place and am still trying to get comfortable with all of it. I’m feeling very busy and I don’t know how much I like that, It’s not something I’m used to. This past week I started going to some drop in cardio classes at the YMCA after work and for the days that I’m not at the Y I bought a great yoga DVD set called “the blissology project” with Eoin Finn. It has 6 DVD’s that include 12 different yoga routines and 6 different meditations.  Now cardio is not something I’ve ever really enjoyed but I know I have to get my ass off the couch and start doing something that will make me feel good. Like I’ve accomplished something that justifies lazing around on the couch. I’m not a runner, and this is supposed to be enjoyable for me so I thought drop in classes in a group setting would be a fun way to get my sweat on. So I tried Cardio Step! Which actually was hilarious for me. Why?

Because I have about as much coordination as a new born dear trying to stand for the first time. Man am I bad. BUT I went in with the mind set that I would go and have fun, move around, get sweaty and have pride in that I was doing something I’ve never done before.  Everyone around me had obviously been to these classes before, many times. They had it down! All ages were keeping up but I was having a hard time. I was trying to be very mindful of my self-talk and kept telling myself that I was having fun and to be kind to myself and just relax. Whenever I found myself getting flustered I brought myself back and just tried to listen to the cues of the instructor and just let myself flow. It sort of worked. I was getting sweaty and enjoyed it for the most part and will do it again this week. Now that I know what to expect it should be easier. Same goes for the Cyclefit Spin class I did. I was really excited for this class and enjoyed it for the most part. It definitely will push my limits and get my endurance up for riding this summer. The only thing I really didn’t enjoy about the spin class was how painful it is being on those bikes for 45 minutes! Ouch!!! I have a cushioned woman’s specific seat on my bike that I can now appreciate a whole lot more.  I’m excited to try the Spin/TRX class this coming week and to getting a firmer hold on my exercise. At least I’m putting myself out there now by stepping out of my comfort zone. Won’t know unless you try, right?! 

Something else I worked on this week, well more realized than worked on was the importance of meal planning and prep work. When I had a trainer they gave me a meal plan and I followed it to a T, which seemed to work for me then. However, now I’m learning to make my own meal plans and well that takes a bit more work. My pattern for the most part has been to make lunches the night before and decide the day of what we’re going to have for dinner. That has caused a lot of stress for me in the past and I knew it was something I would have to work on. The first half of this week seemed to follow my old way of thinking but then after my Q/A call with Kristin and reading one of her handouts on meal planning something just sort of clicked and I realized how success and free time are created through planning and prep work. So I got in the mind space of basically “let’s get shit done this weekend so I can kill it next week”! I made a meal plan for the week with a couple new recipes to try, nothing too complicated so I don’t stress out after work trying to make some intricate dish until midnight. I save those for the weekend when I have lots of time! My husband and I went grocery shopping, bought a ton of amazing produce and pantry items. Our house by the way has never been so full of such wonderfully healthy food before and in such quantity. We can barely stuff our lunches into the fridge right now we have so much! And the best part is, because I have a plan for all that food, I can’t see any of it turning bad and going to waste. Which has been a problem for us in the past. Buying a bunch of produce with good intentions of making something with it but just not putting in the effort. Well there’s no lack of effort in this house any more. After meal planning and grocery shopping I spent a large portion of my day today food prepping. I.e. Washing all the fruits and vegetables, chopping up carrot and celery sticks, shredding carrots, washing and spinning the kale and cilantro, cutting up the green onion and brussel sprouts, dicing cucumber all while making a juicing specific produce pile.  Everything went into containers and bags and neatly put away in the newly cleaned fridge. I also pre-made Monday’s dinner and made collard wraps for the first time with a wicked Thai almond butter sauce. I’ve never blanched collards before but I can say I have now! So easy and I love being able to have a wrap. I haven’t made wraps for quite a while because I’ve been trying to stay away from gluten and collards are a fantastic option. They stayed together much better than rice wraps have for me in the past too. I’ve come to realize that ease and creativity with making food comes from a well-stocked kitchen. Having all the healthy things you need at arms reach in your own home is an amazing feeling. I feel great going into my 4th week and know that I will now have more freedom to relax, spend time with my husband and do other things than be in my kitchen all night every night. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love and enjoy my time in the kitchen. It’s a chance for me to be alone with myself, be with my thoughts, or shut them out completely. It’s a time for me to be creative and get my hands dirty. I love how completely hands-on cooking is and I’ve begun to see and appreciate it as my form of art. I’ve always enjoyed doing things with my hands, always loved art; I took it all through school, always loved building things, painting, making something remarkable from simple little materials. I had thought in the past about making things and selling them at craft shows but never really knew what. I have a ton of crafting supplies and often say I would love to get back into crafting but never really have. Art is a beautiful thing and it presents its self in countless ways. It’s been a very recent realization that cooking is my form of art. I feel so alive and full of excitement when I’ve made something beautiful, tasty and wonderfully nourishing. Oh and don’t even get me started on how fun plating is!!! I just have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need to cram so much into one week. Give it time and it will come. 

Have a beautiful and warm week,

Crystal Deitch

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