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Get Your Glow Challenge:  Thoughts after Week 2

I started week 2 off in a pretty unique way that left me more relaxed and at peace than any massage or attempt so far at meditation. My husband and I went to a place called Float Wellness in Sherwood Park and went floating! What the heck is floating you ask? And what does it do? It’s where you are in something called a float tank that has 1100 lbs of Epsom Salts dissolved in the water making you feel weightless. The water is warmed to match your body temperature and after settling in you literally can’t feel the water around you creating an unreal sensation of floating in space! It’s a great resource for relieving stress, anxiety and depression. It aids with injury recovery, building your immune system, improves ones quality of sleep and so so so much more!

It is the only place where I’ve been able to experience complete silence. It was pretty magical. I imagined myself floating in space, looking down at Earth and thinking how beautiful life is. My mind wandered to a lot of places. It found it’s way to my worries, my excitements, my body and the different sensations it was going through. I did some subtle stretches that gave my body much relief. I eventually drifted to sleep. I don’t know for how long, briefly I believe. You float for 90 minutes but time escapes you as you are left only with yourself. With no external distractions it’s an opportunity to explore internally and relax in ways we simply can’t in our day-to-day lives. I came out of my session, sat on the couch in the beautifully calming seating area without a single worry and without a single ache or pain. The rest of my day was filled with a deep feeling of peace and happiness. I did feel lethargic but I completed tasks with ease and took my time doing them. Floating is something that I will do again and it was the perfect transition into my juice feast. I was now in the perfect mind-set.


I have never done a juice feast or juice cleanse before this. About a year and a half ago I did do an 8 day colon cleanse kit through Blessed Herbs where there were 3 days of limiting your food, going organic and plant based and then 5 days of liquids (LOTS of water and organic apple juice mixed with the herbal mixture they provide). It was a crazy experience, pretty intense, I was so damn tired through it as my body was basically just getting sugar from the apple juice, no real nutrients that I’m aware of but it felt so good knowing my body was eliminating all the toxins and mucoid plaque from my system. Bowel health, while no one likes to talk about it, is extremely important to your overall health. So I’ve chosen to talk about it! On the 5th day of my Get Your Glow Challenge this is what I wrote in my journaling:

“It’s day 5 and I’m noticing I’m going to the bathroom better than I was before I even went to Mexico! When you really look at your health and start paying attention to your body and the foods you put in it (consuming more plant-based foods) you start to notice positive changes. And you will start to consider things like great bowl movements as a WIN! ~ And that’s my morning so far and it’s only 6:30am #winning “. Some people might think it’s disgusting that I’m getting this personal but the way I see it is we all go to the bathroom and we all want to be healthy. I strongly believe in healthy living….so this just doesn’t bother me.


At a health conference I attended one of the speakers mentioned that the majority of people going into hospitals are those with stomach (or gut) pains. Digestion and elimination are two extremely important factors to a healthy body. That’s why I loved the juice feast SO much! When you take digestion out of the equation you are giving your body the chance to use its energy to remove toxins and waste to ultimately give you a reset. The beautiful thing is that because green juices are so rich in chlorophyll and micronutrients your body is fed extremely well and begins to alkalize, which in turn makes you feel amazing! With some it takes longer to get past the detox symptoms into a place of greater energy depending on how much their body needs to detox. But once you get past that, the things you experience make it all worth it! I had A LOT more energy than I did the week before juicing. I started out by buying all my groceries at Save On. Most of them organic except for the cucumber. When I got to the cucumber I never realized how expensive it was as I’ve only ever bought a few at a time. This time….I was buying 18 of them! I got pretty overwhelmed at that moment when I realized at $3.00 a piece what it would come to for just the cucumbers. My amazing husband saw my distress and talked to the grocer about what they could do for us since we were buying so many. They gave them to us for $1.50 per cucumber! We spent $100 total for 3 days of juicing (for one person). Just goes to show that you never know unless you ask! I’ve juiced here and there in the past but never made green juices. It was always something that I thought wouldn’t taste very good (which I think is something that most of us believe). I chose to do the feast only on green juice to not only get myself comfortable with exploring and making new things, but I also wanted to get the most detoxification. I was very pleased with my juice on day 1. I loved how fresh it tasted, how earthy it was and how connected it made me feel to nature. I went into work and my wonderful colleague pointed out that my face was glowing. I thought “Really?! How can this be? It’s day 1 and I’ve only had 1 liter of juice so far AND it’s only 8:30am”. My day 2 juices were pretty good. Not as good as Day 1's. I think the kale or chard might have gone a little bad (even though it was only in the fridge for a day). It was a little smelly and I think it altered the taste even though I washed everything really well. I personally think the produce in grocery stores is over sprayed and promotes rotting. Anyways….I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY DAY 3 JUICE! I was pretty hungry waking up and low energy. I had just under a liter of water after waking as instructed and then I grabbed my breakfast juice..... I did something a little different this time around. I took out the lemon and added cilantro. My first sip was the freshest most amazing thing I had ever tasted! I was filled with so much gratitude for this opportunity, this experience and for the Universe putting me on this path that I started crying. I was just so damn grateful. I could feel the Suns energy in my juice. I thanked the Universe for this beautiful juice and for leading me to where I am now. I truly believe that a higher power has brought me here because I know I would be somewhere completely different if I never opened my mind and my heart to change & possibility; signs from the Universe nudging me along the way. I'm not meaning to sound preachy here but I experienced something pretty profound and these feelings just took over me so I thought I would share. Maybe someone else out there that has done a juice cleanse or juice feast has experienced something similar. The 3-day juice feast this week really was necessary! It re-set my mind, body and spirit. My mind was clear, the fog was gone and my energy was up. I felt great. Through the week I came to some wonderful realizations in my life and with some coaching support from Kristin I was able to accept and be content to just trust the path that I am on.


Much love & thank you for reading,


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